What is dashDB Local?

dashDB Local is next-generation data warehousing and analytics technology for use in private clouds, virtual private clouds and other container-supported infrastructures. It is ideal when you must maintain control over data and applications, yet want cloud-like simplicity. dashDB Local is part of a family that shares a common SQL engine and other database technologies across different deployments so you can place the right workload on the right platform—and move between them without application change. It includes in-memory processing for delivering insanely fast answers to queries, as well as MPP for scale out and scale up capabilities as data grows. It also provides scale-in capabilities to free resources after peak workloads complete. For analytics, leverage familiar SQL, R predictive modeling or robust Netezza analytics, including geospatial support.

Docker-supported infrastructure

Client managed

Manage dashDB Local on the Docker-supported infrastructure of your choice, without the hassles of complex configuration while you make the most of existing hardware.

Enable hybrid data warehousing


Enable hybrid data warehousing with on-premises, cloud and private cloud options to process more analytics and compress time to business value.

in-memory processing

Fast and robust

Put the pedal to the metal with in-memory processing, MPP elasticity and industrial-strength analytic functions that bring the query to the data.

dashDB Local features

Docker download - feature Docker hub download container

Flexible container delivery

dashDB Local is delivered as a configured data warehouse via Docker container technology that you can deploy where you need it for private clouds, virtual private clouds and software-defined infrastructures.

Current users report deployment in minutes without complex configuration processes! And, it helps you better utilize existing hardware.

Management console

Client managed and hybrid

When data is mandated to stay on premises or you have other needs for local control such as SLA agreements, dashDB Local is an ideal solution.

dashDB Local shares common database technology with dashDB as a managed service, which means that you can move applications from one edition to the other without application change.

The dashDB family lets you adjust workloads easily as needs change and fluctuate.

Deeply integrated Spark computing

Deeply integrated Spark computing

dashDB Local is the first to provide an embedded open source Apache Spark in-memory compute capabilities in a data warehouse, out-of-the box to help create true end-to-end analytics solution with one click deployment. Apache Spark is deeply integrated in the dashDB Local MPP data warehouse cluster so that you can use Spark to explore and analyze data interactively with fast response times.

Netezza query

Rich analytics, built-in

Netezza technology provides a robust set of analytics that are designed to efficiently bring the query to the data.

A range of libraries and functions—including geospatial support— help you get to the precise insight you need to drive better business outcomes.

There is also R support for predictive analytics and data mining.

Netezza and Oracle SQL compatibility is available in dashDB, as well.

Free tooling also helps to convert existing Netezza and Oracle applications to dashDB.

run SQL command

Fast and elastic

Several features deliver the needed horsepower to process your query as fast as you can think of the next question.

dashDB Local includes BLU Acceleration, the IBM columnar in-memory processing technology that uses a range of techniques for efficiency and speed in crunching through data.

MPP extends this with the ability scale up and out to handle large data sets by adding more servers. Scale-in capabilities enable you to free up resources when they are not needed for handling peak workloads.

With these two technologies working together, dashDB is designed to deliver the results as fast as you can think of the next question.

Now you can make decisions based on the results you want rather than the results you can get.

using dashDB with Cognos

Open for today’s data warehousing

dashDB is designed to let you easily analyze a range of data sets, including Twitter, weather data, and your own data.

You can query across these data sets for deeper insights using more data—to know more than your competition.

Python, LUA and Scala support means that you can integrate analytics into modern applications.

And of course, you can use dashDB Local with BI tools including Watson Analytics, Cognos, SPSS and other popular BI tools.

How to get started with dashDB Local

dashDB Local Overview

dashDB Local is the newest member of the dashDB family of data warehousing technologies. It is a configured data warehouse that is delivered via Docker container so you can install it where you need it, such as private clouds and software-defined environments, very quickly.

dashDB Local resources


IBM dashDB Local

Learn the details about how dashDB Local provides flexible data warehousing via container technology. Find out how to deploy to software-defined environments and private clouds. It offers cloud-like simplicity in a form factor that lets you maintain control over data and applications where you need it as part of a hybrid data warehouse solution.


IBM dashDB: Cloud-based data warehousing for analytics and transaction processing

Gain a better understanding of how the IBM dashDB family can help your organization thrive in a constantly changing and competitive global business environment.


Best of all worlds: A hybrid data warehouse approach that delivers cloud-like flexibility

Innovative companies stand a better chance of winning in the marketplace when they leverage more data and use more flexible solutions. IBM’s hybrid data warehouse architecture includes next-generation technologies like dashDB Local to help deliver on a broadened range of analytics needs.

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