What is Cloudant?

IBM® Cloudant® is a managed NoSQL JSON database service built to ensure that the flow of data between an application and its database remains uninterrupted and highly performant. Developers are then free to build more, grow more and sleep more.

Cloudant redouce downtime

Reduce downtime and go to market faster

Update apps without downtime and create amazing user experiences that work offline and on.

Cloudant move data closer

Move data closer to users

Ensure data flows continually and your apps scale elastically to support users across the globe.

Cloudant focus on development

Focus on development, not database administration

Get hours back in your day as our experts help support your data needs, letting you focus on development.

IBM Cloudant is available as a fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) in public and private cloud environments, or as a self-managed service on your local data center. Deploy Cloudant's flexible, scalable and performant data layer wherever you need it, and make changes without downtime or re-programming.

Fully Managed DBaaS

Provision a fully managed Cloudant instance on IBM Bluemix Public.

Cloudant is always free on the Lite plan. The paid Standard plan offers scalable configurations and starts at $75/month.

Cloudant Developer Edition

Download and install a free single-node Docker version of Cloudant Local (licensed for development purposes only).

Deploy on IBM and AWS Data Centers

Fully managed single tenant deployments of Cloudant are available in your choice of IBM and AWS data centers, and Bluemix Dedicated environments.

Contact us for more information and pricing.

Cloudant Local

Run a fully featured Cloudant cluster on-premises in the privacy of your own data center.

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Existing Cloudant.com customers: Sign in to your Cloudant.com account, or learn more about Cloudant on IBM Bluemix.

Cloudant features

Global availablity

Global availability: Improve your app’s performance

Cloudant’s horizontal scaling architecture can handle millions of users and terabytes of data to grow seamlessly alongside your business.

Users are connected to the closest copy of the data, which reduces data access latency caused by cloud network overhead.

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Cloudant data flexibility

Data flexibility: JSON data store

Cloudant’s RESTful API makes every document in your database accessible as JSON. It is also compatible with Apache CouchDB™, enabling you to access an abundance of language libraries and tools.

Schema flexibility makes Cloudant an excellent fit for multi-structured data, unstructured data and fast-changing data models.

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Cloudant Mobile Sync

Mobile sync libraries: Develop offline-first apps

Cloudant includes mobile sync libraries for both iOS® and Android™. Offline-first applications built with Cloudant Sync provide a better, faster user experience — both offline and online.

Mobile sync libraries enable your devices to store and access data locally, and then synchronize this data with the cloud when an Internet connection is available.

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Cloudant APIs

Advanced APIs: Integrated geospatial operations and search

Enhance web and mobile apps with geospatial operations that go beyond simple bounding boxes.

Seamlessly integrate web and mobile apps with fast, scalable, full-text Lucene indexing and search.

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Integrate products with Cloudant

IBM Cloudant + dashDB

dashDB and Cloudant

Easily synchronize your JSON data in Cloudant with structured data in IBM® dashDB™ at the push of a button.

Instantly apply traditional BI and analytics to web and mobile application data stored in the cloud.

IBM Analytics for Apache Spark + Cloudant

Spark and Cloudant

Use high speed Apache Spark for fast in-memory analytics of JSON data, or transform and filter data before it reaches Cloudant.

Understand more about your users — their peak usage times, most active locations, and routes patterns — by combining the power of Spark with your existing Cloudant data.

Redis + Cloudant

Compose and Cloudant

Cache your Cloudant data in an in-memory data store for faster retrieval and performance.

Client success stories



"We found that we were overloading our CouchDB server on a daily basis, because of our relatively large number of users and the complexity of our analytics workloads."

Jonathan Jackson, Founder and CEO, Dimagi

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Hothead Games

"A good data layer is one that you barely notice is there, and working with the big data experts at Cloudant has made that a reality for all our Big Win Sports titles."

Joel DeYoung, Director of Technology, Hothead Games

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"With IBM Cloudant Dedicated Cluster, we don’t have to use valuable resources for managing databases, and can instead focus on creating a better data model for our customers’ data."

Barry Wark, Founder and CEO, Physion

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Cloudant resources


Cloudant Documentation

See the official Cloudant documentation to help you get going quickly. Find Cloudant basics, client libraries, API reference, guides and more.


Supported client libraries

Cloudant supports a range of client libraries to help you develop your application using the languages of your choice. Find supported libraries for mobile (iOS and Android), Java, Node.js, Python, Swift, Apache Spark and more.


Cloudant Learning Center

Find introductory walkthroughs, video tutorials and sample applications at the Cloudant Learning Center on developerWorks.


Cloudant help on Stack Overflow

Find answers to common Cloudant questions, answered regularly by expert developers on Stack Overflow.

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