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IBM powers decision-making with powerful and intelligent analytics.
Business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics have reached a new era in extracting insights from data. This next generation of BI capabilities, using intent driven guidance, starts the shift toward cognitive computing that will change how you work with data. Gain a deep understanding of your business and greater intuition in creating reports, dashboards, and visualizations of information. IBM's platform approach, delivering BI on cloud (SaaS) or on premises, aligns your organization around trusted data and self-service capabilities that enable agility and accelerate growth.
IBM Cognos Analytics
Proving the sum is greater than the parts, IBM Cognos Analytics connects users to improve decision making for everyone. With the evolution to guided insights and smart analytics, time has come to move from desktop tools to business intelligence where no user, or idea, is left behind. Learn what your business can do when you have analytics designed with the user in mind that meets the needs of entire organization.
Business Intelligence
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Guided reporting & dashboarding
Align people, track performance and course correct.
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Analytic agility with guided self-service
Bridge gap between business user freedom and IT control.
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Forward-looking business intelligence
Know the past, understand the present, and shape the future.
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Making cents of big data
Turn big data patterns into big opportunities.
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Guided reporting and dashboarding
Guided business intelligence speeds productivity and helps align people, track performance and course correct to current market conditions. Information in context is crucial - all types of reports from simple lists to high-impact dashboards can be authored once based on any combination of data sources and shared throughout the organization. With personalized access to information you get the answers you need as you need them, from the desktop or a mobile device, online or offline and still easily collaborate with others.
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Analytic agility with guided self-service
Individuals want information at their fingertips and organizations want to ensure important decisions are based on trusted data and processes. IBM Cognos Analytics self-service capabilities enable organizations to bridge the gap between business user freedom and IT control. Flexible and adaptable to meet your needs, it facilitates enterprise-level collaboration and management with access to all the data you need to make decisions confidently. Automatically and intuitively bring your data to life with compelling visuals that you can easily share.
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Forward-looking business intelligence: Know the past, understand the present, and shape the future
Leading organizations drive strategic thinking by using past, present and future views of their business to anticipate outcomes, improve operational efficiency and reach goals faster. With IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM SPSS® predictive analytics you can include critical drivers in reports that identify patterns, trends and predictive scores. From retail to manufacturing, insurance to telecommunications, forward looking business intelligence provides early identification of new opportunities.
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Making cents of big data
The next generation of business intelligence and predictive analytics presents an opportunity for insight and innovation when applied to big data and the internet of things. Analytics-based business intelligence culled from streams of data, both structured and unstructured-weather data, call center data, machine data, social media data-can expose new patterns and increase opportunity. Organizations can gain competitive differentiation, not only through real-time insights but through infusing analytics into critical business processes.
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BI forward: A full view of your business
Four factors that drive effective self-service analytics
Analytics: The key to unlocking the intelligence in data
This white paper explains the advantages of a business intelligence solution that includes predictive analytics.
Learn about the factors that make self-service analytics work for both business users and IT.
Read why organizations also need to be able to anticipate future outcomes to stay ahead of the competition.
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