What is BigInsights?

Organizations want to spend less time creating an enterprise-ready Hadoop infrastructure, and more time gaining insights. IBM provides a complete solution, including Spark, to scale analytics quickly and easily. Available on-premises, on-cloud, and integrated with other systems in use today.

Learn how customers are gaining insight with IBM BigInsights.

Open and hybrid

Open & hybrid

Combines Hadoop and Spark for lightning fast processing of all data. Exploit in the cloud, on-premises, or both to help you be more agile and efficient.

Easy and scalable

Easy & scalable

Better tooling means less coding and more analytics. Make Hadoop ready for enterprise-scale workloads and performance with IBM governance, data management and analytics tools.

Integrated and Seamless

Integrated & seamless

IBM BigInsights helps you integrate SQL, noSQL, and other data types with Hadoop quickly and easily to enable self-service data access and optimize insight.

IBM BigInsights features


Query Anything

Query Anything

IBM Big SQL is a SQL interface and data virtualization tool. You can use Big SQL to access, query, and summarize data from any platform including databases, data warehouses, NoSQL databases, and more. Big SQL concurrently exploits Hive, HBase and Spark using a single database connection — even a single query.

Analyze and Extract Text

Analyze and Extract Text

IBM Text Analytics is a powerful system for extracting structured information from unstructured and semi-structured text by defining rules to create extractors. It now includes an all-new powerful web-based Visual Text Analytics Framework for novice users for creating and running extractors on your input documents that are on the local file system or HDFS in supported formats.

Available in the Cloud

Get started on the cloud in minutes

IBM BigInsights on Cloud Basic Plan provides Apache Spark and Hadoop clusters within minutes to accelerate developing and deploying applications which you can scale to meet the toughest of workloads. Choose the components you need, such as Spark, Hive and Hbase, all without Hadoop management headaches.

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Need help getting started with IBM BigInsights?

IBM provides the industry's premier open Hadoop solution that delivers critical insights with flexible deployment options. To help clients decide how to get started with this technology, we offer a service called Stampede. Stampede is designed to help clients determine their information requirements and evaluate the right technology approach to meeting those needs. The end result is greater clarity in how to move forward and a faster time to value!

Spark and Hadoop Support Services

Long-term Hadoop and Spark success requires depth and breadth expertise. IBM BigInsights provides Hadoop and Spark support how you want it – pre-priced or customized, and for both short-term or long-term assistance.

Accelerate your focus on development and deployment with the service of your choice.

Initial Install and Planning

This onsite or offsite installation service is for customers looking for a rapid-start for their BigInsights implementation
(on premises customers only).

Developer Assist

This flexible service offers Spark and Hadoop use-case oriented support for customers who want technical education, guidance and collaboration on deployments and installations.

Designated Support Engineer

This service offers project focused issue resolution support for customers who are looking for an end-to-end
subject matter expert engagement.

IBM BigInsights Resources

Access analyst reports, data sheets, white papers and more.


What’s New in IBM BigInsights V4.2

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Spark SQL: Faster Insights for Business

With Spark SQL, the fastest open source SQL engine available, amplify the power of Apache Hadoop on IBM BigInsights to create insight. Only IBM's proprietary Big SQL offering is higher performance. Spark SQL is helping make big data environments faster than ever.

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