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Analytics in communications

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, communications service providers need timely, accurate information to exploit new opportunities and reduce customer churn.

The communications industry is experiencing unprecedented data volume growth. This data holds valuable information that could support decisions about new services, network optimization, subscription plans and churn management. But most communications service providers cannot extract the answers to their key questions from all of this data. With IBM Analytics, providers can uncover insights about customers, network performance and market trends, and use those insights to make better business decisions.

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Image: Telco

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Transform operations

Image: Elisa Corporation

Elisa Corporation identified millions of euros in new revenue opportunities when it implemented the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance for customer analytics.

Image: XO Communications

XO Communications implemented a predictive analytics solution that identifies the customers who are at greatest risk of churning, so the company can proactively intervene and resolve issues.

Image: Cyprus Telecommunications Authority

Cyprus Telecommunications Authority used statistical analysis capabilities to gain a deeper understanding of customers, increasing marketing campaign response rates and reducing marketing costs.

Image: Sogecable

Sogecable increased customer retention by providing call center agents with instant, reliable information on each client and personalized offers they can use to improve loyalty.

Image: TEOCO

TEOCO enabled CSPs to access and analyze massive amounts of big data to uncover the source of cost and network issues, a move that is helping providers save millions of dollars.

Image: Qualcomm case study

Qualcomm consolidated its large data warehouses and implemented faster, more accessible advanced analytics, reducing the time to respond to business changes from several months to days.

Build smarter networks

Image: T-Mobile

T-Mobile aggregated data at a network-wide level and can now perform nationwide searches on big data to help support several departments, including network engineering and marketing.

Image: Sprint

Sprint uses big data analytics to put real-time intelligence and control back into the network, driving a 90% increase in capacity.

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