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Analytics in government

Governments that apply analytics to strategy development and operations can better protect and serve citizens.

Around the world, citizens are demanding more and better services. Economic pressures are forcing reductions in cost, fraud and waste. Rising environmental concerns are increasing pressure to lower carbon emissions. Local law enforcement agencies are fighting to reduce crime rates, while national agencies work to combat terrorist threats. With IBM Analytics, you can integrate and analyze data from all of your agencies, organizations and applications, uncovering the answers to essential questions.

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Clark Country Family Services Department

Clark County Family Services Department invested in an analytics solution that helped them identify more federal funding and improve case worker productivity so staff could devote more time to helping families.

Alameda County

Alameda County implemented an integrated reporting system that helped reduce fraud and waste by revealing relationships between benefit recipients, and resulted in USD11 million in direct savings.

New York State Department of Tax

New York State Department of Tax dramatically reduced erroneous refunds and increased tax revenue by identifying which tax returns should be audited and investigated, and how best to collect unpaid back taxes.

State of North Carolina

State of North Carolina identified nearly USD200 million in suspicious Medicaid claims by using analytics to sort through and prioritize tens of thousands of providers and hundreds of millions of claims in minutes.

Memphis Police Department

Memphis Police Department used predictive analytics to reduce serious crime by 30%, and developed effective strategies for reducing crime rates, while optimizing police manpower and resources.