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Analytics in energy and utilities

To capitalize on new opportunities, energy and utility companies are transforming to smarter energy systems that feature a two-way flow of energy and information.

There is more and more pressure on energy and utility companies to deliver cost-effective and reliable energy sources, while keeping environmental concerns in mind. At the same time, consumers are demanding more control over their own energy consumption. Companies need insights into performance and usage across the network to make more effective decisions.

With IBM Analytics, you can integrate and analyze structured data, such as real-time energy usage, together with unstructured data from sources such as call center and maintenance logs, to gain insight into performance, customer service and other key aspects of your business.

Improve generation performance

Vestas reduced the response time for wind forecasting information by approximately 97 percent—from weeks to hours—and improved the accuracy of wind turbine placement with a big data solution that speeds analysis of petabytes of data.

Strengthen public safety

Electric Utility gained the ability to predict and prepare for weather events that can disrupt the electrical distribution network, enabling proactive allocation and deployment of resources—people and equipment—to minimize the time it takes to restore power.

Optimize customer operations

Oncor empowered customers to control and manage their energy usage by implementing a smart metering system that makes energy information more transparent and responsive for customers.

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