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Analytics in education

Educational institutions must embrace innovation to teach in today’s economically, socially and electronically connected world.

Educational institutions face high expectations of continuous performance improvements and efficient operations. But to meet these expectations, administrators and educators need to make the right decisions based on data that is spread across multiple enterprise systems, documents and websites. Within this data are the insights they need to answer key questions that are critical to success.

IBM Analytics provides administrators and educators with access to all the information they need about student performance, prospective students and teachers, and operational resources so they can make the most informed decisions throughout the entire district or institution.

Build student success and skills

Mobile County Public Schools improved student performance and reduced drop-out rates with a comprehensive performance tracking system that gives teachers and counselors the ability to proactively identify students at risk for dropping out.

Hamilton County Department of Education increased its graduation rate by 8 percent using analytics and advanced modeling tools that give teachers, counselors and administrators the insights they need to intervene with at-risk students before they drop out.

Enable innovation

North Carolina State University became more effective at ways to license technologies created through university research, reducing the time needed to find target companies from months to days, and increasing the number of potential license partners by 300 percent or more.

Seton Hall University increased its enrollment candidate conversion rate by 18.2 percent and tuition revenues by USD29 million by infusing marketing intelligence into its recruitment process and applying social media metrics analysis.

Optimize resources

The University of California - Office of the President significantly improved its enterprise risk information system, reducing the cost of risk and representing USD493 million in cost reduction.

BPP, a university college specializing in professional education, reduced month-end reporting processes from ten days to just four, accelerated forecasting processes, and provided more precise and detailed reports based on real-time data.

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