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Analytics in consumer products

In today's economy, consumer products companies must meet customer demands for innovative products, while containing costs throughout the product life cycle.

Consumer loyalty is plummeting as more people are choosing to buy less-expensive store brands. Commodity prices are volatile, and food and product safety threats are common. Consumer products companies must fully utilize all of the data available from internal and external sources to address challenges and take advantage of market opportunities.

With IBM Analytics, you gain the insights you need to improve demand planning and forecasting, develop better products, optimize marketing and promotions, and reduce costs throughout your organization and the value chain.

Build lifetime consumer relationships

Kraft Australia used customer sentiment analysis to understand consumer attitudes about its Vegemite product, enabling development of a more effective marketing strategy that supports stronger customer relationships.

PhotoBox improved customer loyalty and satisfaction, increased open rates and click-through rates of newsletters, and raised the conversion rate by 14% with more intelligent marketing campaigns based on predictive analytics.

Manage business performance through visibility

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ConAgra Mills implemented a sales support tool that translates a vast array of market and production information into smarter recommendations for the sales force, improving selling decisions and increasing capacity utilization.

British Columbia Egg Marketing Board cut basic farm inspection workload by 66 percent and saved around USD100,000 per year with more automated financial planning and analytics solutions.

Manage raw material to finished goods

Brammer Group used predictive analytics to improve inventory management, resulting in a total inventory reduction of £31.1 million in one year, more accurate forecasts of product demand, and closer relationships with strategic suppliers.

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