Analyze threat intelligence

Advanced analytics capabilities

Accelerate the data-to-decision process and increase analyst efficiency and accuracy with advanced analysis capabilities that perform at speed and scale

Multi-dimensional visual analysis

Quickly uncover hidden patterns and relationships in disparate data (HUMMINT, OSINT, COMMINT and All Source) with multi-dimensional analysis capabilities

Enhance existing infrastructure and investments

Leverage and compliment existing infrastructure. Integrate third party applications to support your specific needs with an open and interoperable design.

Modular design

Support flexible and agile missions with a wide array of customizable analytic requirements and a host of add-on capabilities for modular design extension


IBM threat intelligence solutions for national security and defense are designed to evolve with your challenges and missions so you can achieve better processes across the entire intelligence lifecycle.

Screen capture of multidimensional visual analysis dashboard from the i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis software.
Screen capture of multidimensional visual analysis dashboard from the i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis software.

IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis for National Security and Defense Intelligence

Performing at speed and scale, i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis arms analysts with powerful multi-dimensional visual analysis capabilities that help users quickly simplify complex networks and detect hidden relationships and patterns. It also features a powerful recommendation engine that reconciles duplicate entities masked by aliases and enables users to set alerts to track new and critical information.

Additional Solution Features

  • Provides three-dimensional visual analytics—geo-spatial, relationship and temporal—that can be simultaneously applied across trillions of records to provide visual results in near real time.
  • Facilitates information sharing across agencies, intelligence partners and other coalition organizations using a security-rich platform.
  • Provides scalability, modularity and interoperability to deliver a cost-effective solution that can reduce training, maintenance and deployment costs.


IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis Advanced Edition

A powerful combination of visual tools and automated analytics helps analysts to quickly uncover patterns, trends and connections that are hidden within large and disparate data sets.

IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis

Enable cross sector organizations to turn overwhelming data into actionable intelligence, in near real time.

Drive Data to Decision

Data and information assist the decisions made during military defense operations. In this eBook, we look at the rapidly evolving use of advanced analytics in defense intelligence.

Customer success stories

Special operations soldier on the battlefield

Operation Nighthawk: Special Operations Forces

Analysts supporting Special Operations Forces created a central intelligence repository and used near real-time analytics to help field operatives identify and take down targets faster during a multinational training exercise.