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Safer Planet

IBM is committed to helping ensure a safer planet by providing government, law enforcement, defense, national security and commercial organizations around the world with innovative and advanced human-led intelligence analysis tools to help generate actionable insight so they can detect, disrupt and prevent physical and cyber threats.

IBM’s Safer Planet portfolio provides the most sophisticated suite of solutions to aggregate and query massive amounts of data at record speeds uncovering hidden insights buried deep within so that those who are responsible for protecting our communities, countries, customers and employees have the most comprehensive insights to help them confidently make mission critical decisions.

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Solutions for a Safer Planet

Public Safety

In order to maintain public safety, agencies collect tremendous amounts of data, but without the ability to hold, analyze and disseminate that information they are unable to maximize its value in reducing crime and responding to crisis situations. IBM's solutions help create actionable insights for law enforcement and first responders. Explore our solutions to learn more about how IBM Analytics can help you maintain public safety and respond to disasters.

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Crime Prediction and Investigation  |  Incident and Emergency Management

IBM i2 COPLINK enables law enforcement professionals to generate leads and solve crimes faster using near real time information. i2 COPLINK is modular police software that enables officers, agents and others to validate information, compare partial observations and update situational awareness. It is now available on the cloud with data accessible on a notebook, a mobile device or the desktop. Explore Solution

The Philippines Department of Science & Technology and IBM collaborate to build an Intelligent Operations Center for emergency management as a centralized source of data and analytics to help mitigate risk and improve response planning in the wake of natural disasters. Explore Solution

Mesa's leaders share the innovation that drives positive results with IBM COPLINK. Explore Solution


Engineered with insights gained from 25 years of experience and more than 4,000 organizations worldwide IBM i2 solutions are designed to accelerate the data-to-decision process, so defense and national security organizations can generate actionable intelligence at mission critical speed and scale.

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IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis enabled NATO joint forces to achieve data to decision in minutes, and execute their training operations with greater accuracy and efficiency. Explore Solution

IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis is a next generation intelligence solution that accelerates the data to decision process. Automated analytics that run 24/7 enable analysts to uncover hidden connections buried within massive data sets, so they can generate actionable intelligence in near real time. Explore Solution

Analysts supporting Special Operations Forces created a central intelligence repository and used near-real-time analytics to help field operatives identify and take down targets faster during a multinational training exercise. Explore Solution

Cyber Threat Analysis

As cyber threat actors become more agile and aggressive, organizations must reinforce their traditional cyber security strategies with a new layer of insights about their attacker. IBM i2 solutions will help you rapidly uncover time sensitive insights about your attackers, their motivations and their methods, so you can proactively adjust and enhance your security measures against them.

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Apply advanced analytics at unprecedented speed and scale for insights into vulnerabilities and attackers in near real time.

Using smarter analytics and cyber intelligence to help you detect, investigate, and prevent cyber attacks.

Counter Fraud

Improper payments, fraud and waste trigger revenue losses, waste taxpayer dollars, erode citizen confidence, and take benefits and services away from those who need them.

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Synthetic identity fraud (SIF) is a fraud that involves the creation of a fictitious identity. Learn how it works and what the identities are being used for, identifies the industries being impacted and shows who is most commonly targeted and why.

Software Services for a Safer Planet

In the world of big data, threats are increasing in frequency, complexity, and potential for damage. See how our IBM Safer Planet Services team can help make your part of the planet safer.

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