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Uncovering insights from big data to better acquire and retain customers, optimize your operations and counter fraud, manage risk and more—and getting them faster than your peers—is a primary differentiator for business success.
Analytics helps you stay a step ahead of the competition.

Improve the core competitiveness of your business. Monetize your data.
Make speed a differentiator. Be more right, more often.

Analytics can help you:

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Acquire, grow and retain customers

Leading marketing organizations are evolving to a new way of thinking. Customers can no longer be viewed as segments and targets. Marketers must get to know customers as individuals from the first engagement on, to predict their needs—and meet them—before the competition. Organizations that analyze a wide range of customer data from transactions and customer service interactions, to social media and location data, can provide a level of service that leads to satisfaction and loyalty.

Optimize operations and counter fraud and threats

The key to success for most organizations is making the right decisions faster. Leading companies are gaining an edge by embedding and automating intelligent decisions into operational systems. Using predictive analytics to better understand what is likely to happen—such as fluctuations in product demand, internal fraud or equipment failures—and to predict market trends and opportunities can lead to lower costs and higher operating margins.

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Transform management processes

For many organizations, too much time is spent collecting data and creating reports, with little time remaining for analysis. Leading organizations are automating and structuring management processes, such as financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and incentive compensation management to speed the delivery of accurate information to decision makers. Gaining more visibility, insight and control over performance can drive business model innovation and enterprise agility.

Manage risk

Companies of all sizes face a variety of risks every day, from potential threats to the company’s reputation, to data breeches or regulatory non-compliance. Being able to analyze all types of data in many different ways can enable organizations to identify potential threats and manage them proactively. Striking the right balance between risk and opportunity can help an organization make the right decisions and beat the competition.

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Image: Outperform the competition - New Business Models

Create new business models

Outperformers are bolder innovators than underperformers. They use data, analytics and people to prototype new ideas faster, predict best-outcome scenarios and identify new sources of revenue. Employing a range of analytics capabilities can reveal deeper insights into the strengths and weaknesses of a business, fueling innovation and generating new ideas that can propel an organization past the competition.