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Moving parts from vehicles, large and small, and people on the move generate and leverage data all the time, from everywhere and anywhere. Predictive, proactive and actionable data allows travel and transportation companies to drive optimal efficiency and lower costs while enhancing the end-to-end traveler/passenger experience. Analytics is your digital pathway to maximize profitability and performance.

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IBM has a suite of solutions to create a solid foundational data and analytics platform for customer, asset-intensive and operational decisions. Choose the area you are trying to improve in your business below to learn how we can help.

Dramatically Improve End-to-End
Customer Experience

Maximize Availability of
Assets and Infrastructure

Improve Operational Efficiency

Dramatically Improve End-to-End Customer Experience

IBM Analytics can help companies create a comprehensive 360-degree view of the customer, dramatically improving customer interaction at every touch point and across the end-to-end passenger or traveler experience. This enables greater personalization and relevance to increase marketing effectiveness, improve customer service and drive loyalty.

Contextual View of Passenger/Guest

Denihan Hospitality Group uses a 360-degree view of the customer to understand what is most important to their most valuable customers.

How can I create and share deeper insights into my customers for sales, service and marketing to users?

Deliver personalized offers and targeted messages that are contextual in nature, leveraging advanced customer and predictive analytics. The result? An increase in customer loyalty and revenue, the ability to upsell/cross-sell travel services, improved marketing and sales effectiveness and a reduction in the cost of customer service delivery.

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Next Best Action

Con-way Freight leverages best-of-breed business intelligence to create customer value.

How can I deliver the best possible offer or interaction as the next point of customer contact?

Enable the delivery of an outstanding customer experience, for today's empowered consumers, across all organizational business functions (e.g., sales, marketing, customer service, account management, operations) and interactive/digital channels through personalized offers, relevant recommendations and ongoing communications that are contextual in nature.

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Digital Travel Transformation

Airports are the first and last steps in air travel. Learn how to leverage data to improve travelers' airport experiences.

How can I create compelling experiences that capitalize on information customers share and devices they use?

Provide a personalized, relevant travel experience across all channels that drives brand and bottom-line success. Greater visibility and understanding into customer personal preferences and buying patterns across the digital spectrum optimizes marketing spend, makes for better budgetary decisions and drives greater customer satisfaction. Don't guess... know.

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Maximize Availability of Assets and Infrastructure

Predictive, proactive and sensor-based analytics can help you achieve operational efficiencies and improve performance outcomes. This enables asset optimization to shift from reactive repairs to preventative maintenance. Total cost of asset ownership is reduced, asset life and operational capacity is increased, and on-time performance is improved.

Predictive and Proactive Maintenance

With predictive analytics, companies can predict when things need to be repaired before they break.

How can I reduce costs and extend the life of my assets through smarter maintenance?

Enable and empower your organization through the more efficient maintenance, monitoring and optimization of assets to achieve better asset utilization and performance. The benefits? Enhanced quality and supply chain processes,reduced unplanned downtime and service outages, better decision-making, improved safety and the ability to predict and anticipate asset failure before it happens.

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Enterprise Asset Management

IBM provides enterprise asset and service management solutions for more than 500 transportation organizations worldwide.

How can I maximize the value of all of my enterprise assets?

Experience a single point of control over all types of assets (e.g., production, infrastructure, facilities, transportation, etc.) by managing them all on a common platform. Manage and maintain assets to maximize availability, increase revenue and control costs. The benefits? Improved service levels, better yield on assets, reduced risk of unplanned service delays and outages, smarter maintenance planning and greater efficiencies around parts inventory.

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Internet of Things Analytics

Discover how analytics and the Internet of Things can help your company.

How can I leverage data from sensor enabled assets to be more responsive?

Gain significantly greater insights (i.e., predictability and intelligence) into corporate assets, quality processes and infrastructure through real time, fact-based understanding of asset performance and usage. Leverage data from sensor-enabled assets to better understand real-time conditions of critical equipment parts and components. Benefit from greater decision automation, lower maintenance costs, fewer warranty claims, improved product quality and production yield and lower inventory costs.

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Improve Operational Efficiency

Real-time actionable insights can help travel and transportation companies drive better planning while optimizing human and physical resources. Through forecasting, demand and capacity management, data mining, predictive analytics, asset/workforce scheduling and machine-learning techniques, companies can achieve greater efficiencies and attain operational KPIs.

Fuel Management

By measuring and analyzing things like temperature, vibration and alignment, railroads can pull affected cars off the tracks to help prevent freight derailments and improve safety.

How do I best plan, manage, or distribute what is often my highest operating cost?

Increase operational efficiencies and realize better performance from transportation assets (e.g., aircraft, shipping vessels, rail vehicles and truck fleets) by analyzing and leveraging critical data, collected and available in real time by automatic vehicle location (AVL), telematic and automated fuel management systems.

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Operations Planning & Optimization

Sydney Airport uses predictive analytics to improve services and help travelers’ experiences reach new heights.

How can I enable better productivity, cost savings, efficiency and improve network velocity?

Leverage predictive analytics to effectively and proactively take competitive pricing actions based on fluctuating market shifts and emerging marketplace trends. Achieve greater speed and decision-making accuracy in detecting and reacting to these shifts, thereby employing critical pricing insights essential to fortifying brand and bottom-line value.

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Dynamic Crew & Employee Staffing

We can now replace traditional processes and guesswork with science, data, analytics, and precise methods to help develop a Smarter Workforce.

How can I ensure that I have the right employee, at the right place, at the right time?

Gain valuable insights into employee behavior, leveraging a wide and broad range of data sources, scientific methods and analytics tools, to help identify, source and build a travel and transportation workforce essential to optimal organizational and operational performance, enhanced brand value and ongoing business success.

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