Improve customer experience

Use predictive analytics to anticipate problems, inform consumers of what to expect and know the additional services that will appeal to them. Analyze voice, SMS and smartphone app datain real-time to measure and improve the customers' journey across all channels and services.

Customer analytics for communication service providers

Telecommunications software correlating Net Promoter Score (NPS) with subscriber experience.

Customer Insight

Use existing customer data to improve your business results. Reduce churn by proactively identifying and addressing behavioral trends.

Customer Churn dashboard indicating a high risk of churn.

Proactive Care

Reduce customer churn, lower operating costs and increase revenue from the call center.

Operational analytics for communication service providers

Telecommunications software showing Single Customer Experience Score across voice and data usage.

Analytics Accelerator Framework

Benefit with an open and flexible architecture with adapter based data ingestion, Hadoop based data storage and API based data access.

Telecommunications software diagnosing and resolving customer issues across applications, devices and networks.

Customer and Network Analytics

Analyze customer and network data across devices, apps, locations and technologies for new insights.


Ovum Decision Matrix

Learn how leading customer analytics vendors stack up against each other in terms of technology, execution of strategy and market impact.

Proactive Customer Care Outlook

Why telecom operators need analytics to understand their customers—and maintain their loyalty.

Assess your needs

How effective do you use advanced analytics?

Customer success stories

A customer service representative from call center helping to improve customer experience by solving network issues.

Celcom Axiata

Improve customer loyalty based on near real-time analysis of system usage.

A male customer on the subway reviewing his personalized network usage message from the service provider.

XO Communications

Using predictive analytics to identify subscribers at risk and give them a reason to stay.

A night-time view of a city suggesting the need for strong data networks.

Cablevision Argentina

Identify service improvements that will boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.