Transforming Government

IBM helps governments around the world provide for and protect their citizens with analytic solutions spanning the wide range of government responsibilities, including public safety, defense, national intelligence, social programs, cyber security, and finance and operations.


IBM solutions can help law enforcement improve situational awareness, predict criminal activityand effectively investigate crime.

Intelligent Video Analytics

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics identifies events, attributes or patterns of behavior through video analysis of monitored environments.

Integrated Law Enforcement

IBM i2 Integrated Law Enforcement integrates analysis, lead generation and communication technologies to provide a holistic view of data for policing and partner agencies.

Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management

IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management is an incident and emergency management solution utilized for daily operations and for emergency or crisis situations.

Intelligent Video Analytics

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics identifies events, attributes or patterns of behavior through video analysis of monitored environments.

Weather Data for Emergency Management

IBM Weather for Emergency Management, a cloud-based weather data service, enables Smarter Cities Emergency Management users to enrich their emergency management solutions with weather-based insights.

i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis for Security and Defense

IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis is a next-generation intelligence solution designed to turn overwhelming and disparate data sets into comprehensive intelligence, in near real time.

All-Source ISR

Decision-making on the battlefield requires accuracy, timeliness and efficiency. IBM Analytics can help in all these dimensions by harnessing big data and bringing insights to battle management decision making.

PMQ for the Military

Enable better mission outcomes by monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing assets, predicting asset failure and reducing guesswork. Analyze data from multiple sources and provide recommended actions.

Social Program Performance

Government organizations must accurately target citizens' needs and continually improve outcomes. Data analytics can provide the means to gain a comprehensive view of a family's needs to match clients to the right program or service.

Social Program Compliance

Government social program organizations must ensure that citizens who need benefits and services are able to receive them. Using analytics, agencies can reduce overpayments by better matching eligibility information and reduce fraudulent claims through identity resolution.

Watson Analytics

Watson Analytics provides government organizations with natural language interactions, advanced analytics, and cognitive capabilities so you can understand what your data means to help you make important decisions.


IBM i2 EIA - Helping the intelligence community create a safer planet

IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis enabled NATO joint forces to achieve data to decision in minutes, and execute their training operations with greater accuracy and efficiency.

IBM Helps North Carolina Fight Medicaid Fraud

North Carolina uses IBM analytics to sort through tens of thousands of providers and hundreds of millions of claims in minutes and then prioritize those cases with potential abusive behavior.

IBM Human Outcome Analytics

Helping government and care providers realize analytics’ impact towards improving citizen outcomes.

Customer success stories

Philippines Department of Science and Technology

The Philippines Department of Science and Technology and IBM collaborate to build an Intelligent Operations Center for emergency management.

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Operation Nighthawk: Special Operations Forces

Analysts supporting Special Operations Forces created a central intelligence repository and used near-real-time analytics to help field operatives.

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McKinley Children's Center

With much data about a child’s care captured on paper, the center couldn’t easily assess how different variables impacted a child’s outcomes.

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