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Transforming Consumer Products

Companies in the Consumer Products industry use data and analytics to differentiate the brand experience driving 1:1 consumer engagement, improving collaboration and operational excellence with retailers, and reducing supply chain cost and inefficiencies.

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IBM has a suite of solutions to create a solid foundational data and analytics platform for customer, merchandising and operational decisions. Choose the area you are trying to improve in your business below to learn how we can help.

Consumer Insights and Engagement

Channel Partner Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics and Optimization

Consumer Insights and Engagement

Consumer Insights and Engagement is the ability to engage consumers with messages and offers at any point in time, demonstrating that your company really knows and understands each customer individually.

Contextual View of the Consumer

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Brand enthusiasm is a more relevant way to understand consumers in today’s digital landscape.

How can I create deeper consumer insights into consumption and purchase behavior to improve marketing and new product innovation?

IBM® Consumer Insights and Engagement for Consumer Products offers an advanced set of data integration, data management, analytics and marketing capabilities that enable your company to analyze the wealth of consumer data available and maximize the business value of customer information. With timely and cost-effective insight into the consumer path-to-purchase, marketing and sales groups can produce precise, personalized communications that improve their return on marketing spend, enhance brand engagement, and drive loyalty and advocacy.

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Local and Social Analytics

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IBM Consumer Insights and Engagement journey map is a business use case scenario story board that describes how a disassociated shopper can be nurtured to become a loyal brand enthusiast.

How can I infuse local market data to create new consumer insights and experiences?

Capitalize on IBM's relationships with leading social media capabilities from Twitter, Facebook and the Weather Service to take advantage of the timely and dynamic insights that those data sources provide. IBM® Social Merchandising for Consumer Products delivers insights from consumer-generated data to improve merchandising and assortment decisions with improved localization and timeliness. Corporate sales and marketing teams, as well as financial analysts, can identify trends and respond quickly to improve inventory turnover, gain insights into how customers perceive quality and value, and promote customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Next Best Action

This IBM® Redguide® publication introduces the IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence solution and highlights the business value of the solution.

How can I deliver more timely, compelling interactions to improve consumer engagement with the brand?

Predictive analytics delivers insight about consumer purchase behavior and path-to-purchase activity. Predictive models enhance decision support to help deploy more precise marketing actions to optimize and nurture brand loyalty. So what are some next best actions your data and analytics can prescribe? Consumer Products companies can use this insight to develop relevant, targeted and timely communications, promotions, recommendations, product and service offerings, and incentives. The possibilities for increasing revenue opportunities and strengthening consumer loyalty are limitless.

Learn more about how IBM Analytics can help you deliver more timely, compelling interactions to improve consumer engagement with your brand.

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Channel Partner Analytics

Channel Partner Analytics improves planning, execution and measurement of trade promotions to increase return on trade spend.

Promotions Planning, Execution and Compliance

Sales and Promotion Analytics for Consumer Products: Improve collaboration with retailers and optimize trade promotions to maximize sales volume and profitability.

How can I better evaluate current performance and predict future performance of promotions to optimize results?

The IBM® Sales and Promotion Analytics solution provides a rich set of integrated data, advanced analytics, tools and services to help Consumer Products businesses improve price, promotion, assortment planning and execution, as well as store-level sales and category management. New insights help trade marketing teams improve planning and optimize the design of promotions. Customer teams can enhance collaboration with retailers by presenting strong, fact-based evidence to support innovative new promotions that drive volume and profits for both the brand and the category. Analytics makes it easier to identify underperforming promotions and make informed decisions about how to improve results. With insights gained from analytics, Consumer Products businesses can increase the return on trade marketing spend and boost overall revenue.

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Customer and SKU Profitability

Anticipating Demand Signals: Amid a host of changes in the Consumer Products industry, the goal of growing ever closer to the consumer remains constant.

How can I understand the profitability of my consumers and products to make better operational decisions?

Manufacturers understand that consumer needs and demands must be considered, not just in sales and marketing strategies, but in all operational decisions. Consumers can inform every aspect of a manufacturer's business, from supply chain management and how the supply network operates to which retail partners are most appropriate. By analyzing critical market and operational data, companies can transform their entire value chain and learn to anticipate consumer needs, not react to them.

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Sales Force Optimization

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Shaw speeds incentive compensation processing with sales performance management solution.

How can I better measure and deploy sales resources based on maximizing specific business objectives?

Automating the process of administering, calculating, reporting and analyzing variable-based pay programs helps companies increase accuracy, reduce costs and improve visibility into sales performance and compensation plans. Analytics can start with sales performance management and expand to transform business operations in a number of ways from strategic planning and budgeting, to inventory management and customer engagement.

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Supply Chain Analytics and Optimization

Supply Chain Analytics and Optimization allows Consumer Products companies to balance operational, financial and sustainability objectives by applying advanced analytics and optimization capabilities in response to integrated demand and supply signals. 

Predictive and Proactive Maintenance

Optimize the production time and life expectancy of your assets.

How can I reduce costs and extend the life of my production and distribution assets?

The cost of downtime in any business or operating environment translates into loss. Lost productivity, lost customer loyalty and certainly, lost revenue, are just a few examples. Consumer Product companies are striving to balance the costs associated with planned and unplanned machine downtime versus managing production schedules to satisfy consumer demand. IBM® Predictive Asset Optimization offers advanced analytics capabilities, paving the way for proactive maintenance and prescriptive operations that can transform and take companies into a future of self-healing autonomous machines.

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Inventory Optimization

Perfect Replenishment: A new set of supply chain measures, called the Replenishment Index, can help drive the next decade of supply chain improvements.

How can I proactively optimize levels and location of inventory to better balance service levels and cost?

Inventory optimization often presents challenges, as Consumer Products companies attempt to balance the volatility of supply and demand for their products, with their capital investment constraints (or objectives), and service-level goals across a large assortment of inventory items. Core supply chain metrics need to keep pace and continue to drive greater performance. Advances in analytics technology are enabling these companies to gain insights for improving supply chain processes and effectively managing the production and delivery of products directly through to consumers.

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Internet of Things Analytics

Optimize your Internet of Things strategy with predictive analytics by using data to improve product and service offerings.

How can I leverage data from sensor enabled devices to create new sources of value?

The Internet of Things represents a transformational opportunity for Consumer Products companies that successfully acquire, analyze and act on huge volumes and varieties data collected by myriad of mobile and other devices and associated connections. In many instances, analytics technology offers real-time insight into product performance and usage. Moreover, companies can use these insights to refine or invent new product or service capabilities, address new markets and even redefine their business models.

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