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Transforming Oil and Gas

Oil and gas companies wanting to improve asset value and yield must apply new technologies and processes that will capture and transform data into actionable insight. With the right technology and solutions, you can move beyond traditional real-time monitoring to real-time prediction and agile responses. Oil and gas solutions that leverage analytics, predictive maintenance, and engineering insight will help you improve business results across your global operations from exploration and production, to refining, processing and distribution.

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IBM has a suite of solutions for enhancing production, improving processing efficiency, and optimizing global operations for the chemicals and petroleum industry. Choose the area you are trying to improve in your business below to learn how we can help.

Enhance Exploration
and Production

Improve Global Operations -
Upstream and Downstream

Improve Refining and
Processing Efficiency

Enhance exploration and production

Integrated Operations

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Improving upstream oil and gas operations with the IBM Integrated Operations solution.

How can I determine and respond more quickly to changes to optimize day to day production and maintenance activities for business improvement?

Analytics solutions and integrated operations systems provide insights and give oil and gas companies real-time visibility into exploration and production efforts. Leverage analytics-based insights to aid in production optimization, equipment management, and health, safety, and environmental challenges.

IBM’s specific advanced analytics solutions include:

  • Monitoring wells and reservoirs to predict their performance and production
  • Identifying ways to optimize future production and hydrocarbon delivery
  • Monitoring equipment health to predict failures and improve maintenance and repair cycles
  • Identifying the root causes of upstream performance issues and equipment failures

Insights gained from new analytics-based models provides better understanding of your focus areas and the ability to build a more consistent way of making decisions.

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Drilling and Surveillance Optimization

Tapping the power of big data for the oil and gas industry.

How can new data sources and near-real-time insight into oil field data help prevent problems that hinder drilling operations?

Oil and gas companies extract value through an advanced analytics platform that promotes improved drilling and surveillance. These solutions process and analyze extremely large data volumes, allowing oil companies to identify production anomalies in near-real time, before major problems occur.

A drilling analytics platform will enable the real time integration of information from petro-technical functions which typically operate independently. IBM provides a scalable, easy to use, secure information management and analytics platform for complex and large-scale analysis and economical storage of drilling production data.

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Asset Analytics for Rotational Equipment

Asset Analytics for Rotational Equipment uses predictive analytics to anticipate downtime and improve the reliability and the availability of critical equipment. This example highlights a use case in the oil and gas industry.

Can I predict equipment failure to improve reliability of my facilities and fields to improve production?

Production continuity is a key need for oil and gas output, and rotational equipment such as pumps, compressors and turbines are critical in maintaining production. When electric submersible pumps (ESPs) fail, production continuity is disrupted and output is reduced, affecting the operation’s profitability. The asset analytics for rotational equipment solution can analyze ESP operational data to develop models that predict ESP failure modes and then rank failure risks with associated impacts on production efficiency. By applying the predictive models to operating assets, operations personnel can assess production impacts related to the ESP failures and can allocate production resources accordingly.

Learn more about how IBM Analytics can help you predict maintenance needs and keep your production flowing.

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Improve global operations - upstream and downstream

Capital Project Insight and Collaboration

Finding common ground in oil and gas: now is the time for stronger collaboration on capital projects metrics.

How can I predict project issues and enhance collaboration across the project ecosystem to improve project returns and schedule?

On-time, on-budget, and on-spec delivery are ever more critical as oil and gas capital projects grow in size, scope, complexity and risk. With your data and our analytics solutions, you can gain insight and create new models to help ensure a successful project.

International projects require stronger collaboration, a culture of knowledge sharing, processes that embed collaboration at the core, and the right technology to support it. Applying our analytics and real-time insight capabilities create an agile environment where you can increase predictability, improve project results, reduce the cost of information management and allow you to capture knowledge for insight and improve the effectiveness of current and future projects.

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Health, Safety and Environmental Insights

The evaluation and assessment of operational risk is of key importance in oil and gas, chemicals and mining.

How can I ensure the compliance to regulations, while promoting a culture of safety and health?

A holistic view of operational assets allows you to reduce and better manage risks in accordance to external and internal regulations. IBM technology helps demonstrate conformance and compliance through requirements traceability and impact analysis, and uses insight to predict non-conformance with time to take corrective action.

Advanced analytic tools and techniques can help identify the most severe to least severe predictive indicators leading to safety incidents. Models identify these indicators with a confidence level and allow an organization to identify new measures that would reduce, or eliminate, the likelihood of an incident becoming a high severity/risk event.

Learn more about how IBM Analytics can help you ensure compliance to regulations, while promoting a culture of safety and health.

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Governance, Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

How can we better manage risk and compliance in the enterprise with effective and predictive governance models?

New regulations, globalization, increased risk and business velocity, and an explosion of information all demand more effective compliance and risk management practices. Achieving better business outcomes is dependent on better alignment of risk and performance management objectives.

What if you could better predict non-compliance and then use these new insights or models and put together a proactive risk avoidance system? What if you could integrate these risk areas and better respond if and when an event occurs? Whether you are concerned with market, financial, credit, operational, IT, compliance or all of the above we have applied predictive analytics solutions to help gain these insights.

Learn more about how IBM Analytics can help you find new areas of improvement and the build a more integrated way of managing your key business risk issues.

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Improve refining and processing efficiency

Enterprise Asset Management

Unless frontline assets are managed effectively, they can quickly become a liability, limiting operational efficiency, reducing profitability and eroding competitive advantage.

How do I manage, maintain, and track an asset though its lifecycle - design and engineering, operations, and on-going maintenance?

Give your operations team the best chance of achieving your refining targets. Applying real-time insight from new data sources can help refineries avoid downtime, costly repairs and safety issues caused by equipment failures. New data sources enable timely, informed decisions about when to schedule equipment maintenance to maximize asset uptime and therefore meet your plant goals. Our predictive insights solutions provides this capability as well as the predictive capability to reduce declines in output, and increase the efficiencies of current assets.

With new predictive analytics embedded in IBM Maximo, the world leader and top-rated Enterprise asset management solution for 15 years, we are continuing to help you gain insights in operations, safety and maintenance.

Learn more about how IBM Analytics can help manage, maintain track an asset though its lifecycle - design and engineering, operations, and ongoing maintenance.

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Engineering Insight and Innovation

How can I gain insight across my engineering disciplines to improve my project success?

Engineering with insights helps improve design, collaboration, quality, and productivity across the different engineering functions and the broader ecosystem of subcontractors.

Our solutions provide insight into the performance of all enterprise assets and their condition for better decision making about potential cost savings and productivity improvements. A continuous feedback loop ensures that the next design is a better design.

Learn more about how IBM Analytics can help you improve design, collaboration, quality and productivity in your engineering group.

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Supply Chain and Processing Optimization

How can I utilize data and information and gain insight to anticipate, control, and react to my supply chain?

Appling advanced analytics on the supply chain can help you to better predict overages and shortages in inventory and yield significant margin improvement. Improved product mix and yields, improved on-time delivery for your customers, reduced inventory and minimized transportation costs are some benefits.

IBM offers advanced solutions for multi-plant planning and optimization, inventory optimization, integrated planning and scheduling, planning and scheduling model management, and supply chain visibility.

Learn more about how IBM Analytics can help analyze and optimize your supply chain and plant.

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