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When you are able to harness big data from a wide range of sources, and analyze it in many different ways, you uncover insights that can have a profound effect on your business. See how IBM has helped organizations in every industry realize the value of big data and analytics.


Image: Becker Underwood Image: Becker Underwood Industrial Becker Underwood uses predictive analytics to improve inventory turn and forecasting accuracy. (03:45)

Image: Recology Image: Recology Industrial Recology improves operational efficiency, transporting waste to collection facilities more efficiently by mining and analyzing data faster. (02:53)

Image: Mueller, Inc. Image: Mueller, Inc. Industrial Mueller, Inc. gains insight into supply chain and customer demand trends, and cuts financial reporting times with an analysis and reporting system. (01:33) Read the story

Image: Jabil Circuit Image: Jabil Circuit Industrial Jabil Circuit uses analytics to reduce the time needed for the financial close each month. (01:22) Read the story

Image: Coates Hire Read the story Industrial Coates Hire quickly solves top-priority issues using a dashboard that delivers instant insight into asset-related issues.

Image: Vestas Image: Vestas Industrial Vestas analyzes a wide range of weather data to help situate wind turbines for optimal energy output. (03:03)

Image: Adam's County Sheriff's Office Image: Adam's County Sheriff's Office Government Adam's County Sheriff's Office solves crimes faster by enabling officers to access and analyze vital data in the field. (03:09)

Image: City of Toulouse Read the story Government City of Toulouse, France, identifies and prioritizes citizens’ most pressing issues using social media analytics.

Image: Miami-Dade Police Department Image: Miami-Dade Police Department Government Miami-Dade Police Department uses statistical analytics to find similarities in crime patterns. (03:32) Download PDF (2MB)

Image: Regina Police Service Read the story Government Regina Police Service identifies and removes inappropriate content from social media sites using content analytics tools.

Image: Durham NCPD Image: Durham NCPD Government Durham, NC, Police Department reduces violent crime in a high-crime region by over 50% with predictive analytics. (03:20)

image: Ishinomaki City Read the story Government Ishinomaki City revitalizes the local fishing industry by analyzing fish species and location data.

Image: Chickasaw Nation Image: Chickasaw Nation Government Chickasaw Nation reduces month-end close process by 50% and improves customer experience with predictive and patron analytics. (05:45)

Image: Singapore Land Transit Authority Image: Singapore Land Transit Authority Government Singapore Land Transit Authority provides a more convenient transportation system using predictive tools and smart cards. (04:09)

Image: State of North Carolina Image: State of North Carolina Government State of North Carolina identifies millions of dollars in suspicious Medicaid claims to mitigate fraud by using advanced analytics. (02:13)

Image: Swiss Re Image: Swiss Re Insurance Swiss Re centralizes data analysis and reporting, speeding report generation by 70 percent. (02:36) Download PDF (550KB)

Image: Swiss Mobiliar Image: Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Swiss Mobiliar accelerates reporting, delivering actionable insights to business users faster. (02:31) Download PDF (677KB)

Image: Infinity Property & Casualty Image: Infinity Property & Casualty Insurance Infinity Insurance Company transforms the way agents handle and route claims using predictive analytics, resulting in more satisfied customers. (04:04)

Image: Allianz Group Read the story Insurance Allianz Group gains greater visibility into its equity basis with centralized risk management and advanced analytics.

Image: AAA NCNU Image: AAA NCNU Insurance AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah enabled its compensation team to manage compensation plans without external support. (00:03:25)

Image: Security First Insurance Image: Security First Insurance Insurance Security First boosts productivity and customer satisfaction using content analytics to bridge social media and the claims process. (04:22)

Image: Westfield Insurance Image: Westfield Insurance Insurance Westfield Insurance gains deeper insights using business intelligence and analytics to improve risk selection and customer service. (04:01)

Image: Banca Carige Read the story Banking Banca Cariage meets changing customer demands using a centralized analytics environment and mobile banking.

Image: First Tennessee Bank Image: First Tennessee Bank Banking First Tennessee Bank increases marketing response rate using predictive analytics to better target offers to high-value customers. (04:12) Download PDF(358KB)

Image: Pioneer West Virginia Credit Union Image: Pioneer West Virginia Credit Union Banking Pioneer West Virginia Credit Union analyzes real-time data to reduce loan delinquency ratio by 95% in one year. (04:28) Download PDF (821KB)

Image: Barclays Read the story Banking Barclays reveals hot topics and customer sentiment in real time, using advanced analytics in a collaborative forum.

Image: Sprint velocity Image: Sprint velocity Banking Fiserv grows their business while lowering costs using specialty engines from IBM. (02:56)

Image: Banco Bilbao Read the story Banking Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria improves its online reputation with analytics that quickly respond to online feedback.

Image: MoneyGram Image: MoneyGram Banking MoneyGram International gains real-time actionable insight to quickly identify questionable patterns and stop fraud before it happens. (02:15)

Image: T-Mobile Image: T-Mobile Telecommunications T-Mobile T-Mobile replaces a 40 terabyte data warehouse with IBM Netezza® and increases their ability to do nationwide searches and aggreggration at a network level. (02:50)

Image: Sprint velocity Image: Sprint velocity Telecommunications Sprint Velocity stores driver preferences in the cloud to create a more personalized in-vehicle experience for drivers. (00:40)

Image: Consolidated Communications Holdings Read the story Telecommunications Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc. detects 100% of major incidents in its network using real-time predictive analytics.

Image: XO Communications Image: XO Communications Telecommunications XO Communications XO Communications takes control of customer satisfaction by using predictive analytics to embed a deeper understanding of customers into operations. (02:36) Download PDF (777KB)

Image: Sprint Image: Sprint Telecommunications Sprint uses big data analytics to put real-time intelligence and control back into the network, driving a 90% increase in capacity. (03:06)

Image: C Spire Wireless Read the story Telecommunications C Spire Wireless optimizes its service mix and offers by applying predictive analytics on customer and account-profile data.

Image: TEOCO Read the story Telecommunications TEOCO enables analysis of volumes of big data to uncover the source of cost and network issues, resulting in big savings.(747KB)

Image: Qualcomm Image: Qualcomm Telecommunications Qualcomm consolidates large data warehouses to lower costs and make advanced analytics simpler, faster and more accessible. (04:18) Download PDF (703.9KB)

Image: Celcom Axiata Image: Celcom Axiata Telecommunications Celcom Axiata personalizes communications to improve customer loyalty based on near real-time analysis of system usage. (04:27) Download PDF (3MB)

Image: NTT Plala Inc. Read the story Telecommunications NTT Plala Inc. gains deeper insights about viewers and their viewing habits to make personalized recommendations and increase viewership.

Image: Kuakini Health System Read the story Healthcare Kuakini Health System enables quick and easy analysis of research data using a new data warehousing solution.

Image: Emory University Hospital Image: Emory University Hospital Healthcare Emory University Hospital uses streaming analytics to gain real-time lifesaving insights on patients. (02:04)

Image: Catalonia Image: Catalonia Government, Healthcare Catalonia Dept of Health offers care providers a complete view of patient data to help predict critical points in care. (03:03)

Image: WellPoint, Inc. Read the story Healthcare WellPoint generates recommendations to nurses using IBM Watson capabilities, helping them make evidence-based decisions. (114KB)

Image: Seattle Children’s Hospital Image: Seattle Children’s Hospital Healthcare Seattle Children's Hospital extracts critical insights from vast and complex data, helping to improve patient care. (02:08) Read the story

Image: Seton Healthcare Family Image: Seton Healthcare Family Healthcare Seton Healthcare Family minimizes readmission of heart failure patients by uncovering insights from unstructured data. (03:01)

Image: UCLA Department of Neurosurgery Image: UCLA Department of Neurosurgery Healthcare UCLA Department of Neurosurgery analyzes streaming data to predict a crisis before it happens. (01:27)

image: MSK Read the story Healthcare Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center compares patient data to massive volumes of medical literature using IBM Watson. (1MB)

image: McKinley Children’s Center Read the story Healthcare McKinley Children’s Center identifies the key variables that impact each child's success using predictive analytics and modeling. (720KB)

Image: Novartis AG Image: Novartis AG Healthcare Novartis AG reduces litigation and improves regulatory compliance with defensible, routine disposal of unnecessary data. (03:32)

Image: Memorial Healthcare System Image: Memorial Healthcare Systeml Healthcare Memorial Healthcare System reduces invoice cycles and reveals vendor relationship problems, mitigating fraud using content analytics. (04:26) Download PDF (1.3MB)

Image: shop.ca Read the story Retail SHOP.CA improves the search experience, targets personalized emails and improves click-through rates using advanced analytics. (147KB)

image: Luxottica Read the story Retail Luxottica creates personalized campaigns based on real-time analytics of geospatial, behavior-based customer data.

Image: Destination XL Read the story Retail Destination XL motivates its sales team to increase customer satisfaction and sales with analytics-based compensation.

Image: ConAgra Mills Image: ConAgra Mills Consumer products ConAgra Mills uses real-time insights from big data to drive smarter selling decisions and improvements in capacity utilization. (04:11)

Image: Marist College Read the story Education Marist College uses a cloud-based analytics model that effectively predicts student outcomes with 80% accuracy. (136KB)

Image: USC Annenberg Read the story Education USC Annenberg Innovation Lab uncovers consumer sentiment in near-real time by analyzing millions of social media conversations. (657KB)

Image: Waterbury Public Schools Read the story Education Waterbury Public Schools gains insight into student performance and faster intervention for those at-risk using advanced analytics. (622KB)

Image: NCSU Image: NCSU Education North Carolina State University helps students learn to make data-driven decisions using content analytics on the cloud. (03:46)

Image: University of California Image: University of California Education University of California manages risks more effectively by analyzing large volumes of data. (03:40)

Image: National Football League Image: National Football League Media and entertainment The National Football League schedules compelling match-ups on the best days by analyzing data faster. (03:05)

Image: U.S. Open Image: U.S. Open Media and entertainment U.S. Open improves the experience for fans, tennis players, event organizers and broadcasters using predictive analytics. (02:47)

Image: Wimbledon Championships Read the story Media and entertainment Wimbledon Championships delivers detailed real-time match data with sentiment analysis to mobile, TV and web viewers. (1MB)

Image: Leicester Tigers Read the story Media and entertainment Leicester Tigers Football Club forecasts player injuries using predictive analytics on physical and psychological stress data. (71KB)

Image: eHarmony Read the story Media and entertainment eHarmony extracts insights from member behavior data to deliver more personalized messages and improve its matching algorithm. (84KB)

image: Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Read the story Media and entertainment Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium correlates historical point-of-sale and climate data to help managers adjust staffing needs.(71KB)

Image: Daimler FleetBoard Read the story Automotive, Insurance Daimler FleetBoard - Mercedes Benz uses an analytics-based telematics solution to price insurance based on driver behavior.

Image: Daimler AG Read the story Automotive Daimler AG boosts productivity of its cylinder-head production and cuts its ramp-up time in half with predictive analytics. (604KB)

Image: FleetRisk Read the story Automotive, Travel and transportation FleetRisk Advisors uses predictive analytics to identify drivers who are at greatest risk of accident. (780KB)

Image: Continental corp See customer story Automotive Continental Corp. uses onboard sensors and crowdsourced vehicular data to help make the roads safer.

Image: Dublin City Countil Read the story Government, Travel and transportation Dublin City Council provides near-real-time estimates for bus arrival and transit times using predictive analytics on geospatial data.

Image: Denihan Hospitality Group Image: Denihan Hospitality Group Travel and transportation Denihan Hospitality Group uses advanced analytics to provide guests with the right room at the right time and price. (03:51)

Image: Nagoya Railroad Read the story Travel and transportation Nagoya Railroad drives revenue using analytics to identify customer travel habits and run targeted marketing campaigns.

Image: Petrol d.d. Read the story Energy and utilities Petrol d.d. enables employees to offer retail customers the right offers at the right time by accelerating analytics.

Image: CenterPoint Energy Read the story Energy and utilities CenterPoint Energy fosters power conservation and improves service by monitoring its smart grid using real-time analytics.

Image: nVizo Image: nVizo Professional services nViso analyzes facial expressions to turn browsing shoppers into buyers. (02:43) Download PDF (664KB)

Image: Fluid, Inc. Read the story Professional services, Retail Fluid, Inc. develops a personal shopper app powered by IBM Watson that puts an expert sales associate in the consumer’s hands. (85KB)

Image: AP (Thailand) Read the story Professional Services AP (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd. uses predictive analytics to precisely target market segments, increasing customer response. (75KB)

Image: Baker & McKenzie Image: Baker & McKenzie Professional Services Baker & McKenzie analyzes unstructured case documentation to reveal previously unknown relational insights to win more cases. (03:23)

Image: Findability Sciences Read the story Professional Services Findability Sciences teams with IBM to help clients acquire, grow and retain customers, using insights from powerful analytics.

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