Unlock social insights

IBM social media analytics solutions unlock valuable insight from the vast information available on social platforms. These solutions curate large amounts of unstructured information and provide pre-built, easy to use interfaces specific to user roles across merchandising, marketing and sales functions to deliver immediate business benefits and give you an edge over the competition.

Understand customer sentiment

Unveil sentiment trends on product attributes such as price, quality, and style.

Understand social behavior

Use visualizations of social data to measure consumer sentiment, evaluate trends and gauge the reactions to a product or event.

Gain insight from unstructured data

Analyze all data sources - social, existing customer data, and external data - to get a complete understanding of the target market.


IBM social media analytics solutions enable you to benefit from the vast information available on social platforms. These solutions provide easy to use interfaces and industry specific packages to give you an edge over the competition.

Social Media Insight for Retail

Social Media Insight for Retail is a cloud-based solution that analyzes large volumes of unstructured social data. By leveraging both internal and external data, retail merchants and marketers can tell the “why” and the “what” behind their customers' purchase behavior and trends. This helps to make better assortment, promotion and placement decisions.

Social Media for Consumer Products

Social Media Insight for Consumer Products provide insights from internal unstructured and external social data. These insights show the target consumers' perception of products allowing you to enhance product innovation, trade promotion and marketing decisions.

Watson Analytics for Social Media

Identify the pulse of an audience by revealing insights in every relevant conversation across any social channel. Through guided analysis of social media data, it’s easy to understand key relationships, patterns and trends expressed through visualizations to drive better business outcomes.

Twitter Insights

This cloud-based service employs social media analysis and natural language processing algorithms that provide customer sentiment for multiple languages and real-time processing of Twitter data streams. Twitter Insights include RESTful APIs for customizing searches and returning Tweets and enrichments in JSON format.

Watson Personality Insights

Personality Insights analyzes unstructured transactional and social media data to infer why people think, act, and feel the way they do. Based on linguistic analytics and personality theory, this solution identifies psychological traits relating to a person’s purchase decisions. This information can help you make better marketing choices to reach your target audience.

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Getting to Know You

Discover how social media analytics can help gauge the results of marketing efforts and how the world perceives a company, brand and products.

Increase Sales and Customer Loyalty

Use social media analytics to determine which assortments of merchandise will deliver the best results down to the item level for both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Customer Success Stories

Legends Hospitality

Legends employs a cloud-based solution that guides data exploration, automates predictive analytics, and enables users to create dashboards and infographics effortlessly.

Associazione Amici Via della Spig

Associazione Amici Via della Spig targets specific demographics by capturing online interactions and transforming the data into promotional efforts to better resonate with customers.