Make risk-aware Decisions

Risk is no longer just about compliance and loss mitigation. It’s a C-suite priority focused on proactively building trust and performance amidst uncertainty, while meeting regulatory requirements. The traditional view of Risk has been one of ‘risk avoidance’. The business is now evolving into a more strategic function where risk intelligence is used to unlock value and opportunity across the organization. IBM provides powerful analytics engines and business solutions from IBM Algorithmics® and IBM OpenPages® that help your company manage risks and address the increasing demand for regulatory compliance.

Enterprise Risk Management

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Empower your business with GRC. Adapt to change and meet risk and regulatory compliance challenges head on with predictive, adaptive and innovative technology.

Trading Book Risk Management

Enable real-time risk management. Prepare for financial regulations, intelligently manage risk capital, and set the right price for market and credit risk on every trade.

Banking Book Risk Management

Identify, price and control credit risk. Improve profitability and credit outcomes with credit risk management solutions from IBM.

Investment Risk Management

Improve decision-making and achieve compliance. Make informed investment decisions and achieve independent risk oversight and regulatory compliance.

Insurance Risk Management

Insurers can make risk-informed decisions to achieve superior business performance, optimize economic and regulatory capital, and achieve regulatory compliance.