Empower your Business with GRC

IBM Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions enable you to adapt to change and meet risk and regulatory compliance challenges head on with truly innovative technology that is predictive, adaptive, integrated and useful.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Platform

Connect multiple solutions on a single data model.

GRC Data Integration and Aggregation

Create a GRC-enabled ecosystem across the business.

Analytics and Reporting

Empower decision makers with interactive tools.


Address change and harness innovation with an integrated platform that drives GRC across the entire organization and creates a firm foundation to enhance solutions and technology.

quickly and easily evaluate and analyze business risk

Featured: IBM OpenPages Operational Risk Management

Identify, manage, monitor, and analyze operational risk across the enterprise. Governance, risk and compliance solutions provide automated tools that enable organizations to evaluate risk posture quickly and easily and analyze key risks.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Platform

IBM OpenPage GRC software allows organizations to address key pain points and regulatory compliance challenges, while at the same time promote a fully integrated GRC strategy.

Featured Capabilities

  • Integrate risk management processes across the enterprise
  • Manage risk and compliance across multiple regulations, including Basel II, Solvency II, SOX and SOX-like requirements, financial reporting, data privacy, industry regulations, and more
  • Leverage GRC information to make better business decisions
  • Empower decision makers with fully scalable and interactive reporting and trending tools
quickly and easily evaluate and analyze business risk

GRC Data Integration & Aggregation

Our comprehensive REST API empowers the GRC platform with risk and compliance information from across the business by automatically importing key data points from external operational systems. This enables businesses to extend across unlimited entry points to a fully informed GRC deployment.

Analytics and Reporting

The OpenPages GRC Platform is built on the leading business intelligence platform and provides deep insight and powerful reporting for enterprise-wide risk and compliance initiatives.

Featured Capabilities

  • Faster time to answers about the business context from highly visual, interactive dashboards
  • Easier access to game-changing insights with interactive data visualizations
  • Smarter, risk-aware decisions that drive a better business outcomes and performance
  • Trusted data for more consistent decisions without data drift or duplication


Next-generation GRC eBook

Meet emerging Governance, Risk and Compliance challenges and gain business insights with next-gen GRC.

keep pace with risk management's rapidly changing regulatory compliance regulations

10 Essential Elements for Effective Compliance Programs

Learn what works, what doesn't, and how leading organizations are able to keep pace with the rapidly changing regulatory climate.

Risk.net Insurance Risk Awards 2015

IBM helps clients deliver on enterprise-wide risk governance requirements.

Customer success stories

Depsito Central de Valores

IBM OpenPages solutions help DCV identify risks, gain full risk coverage for all applications and accelerate risk reporting by 99 percent.

Delta Lloyd Group

Delta Lloyd increases visibility, consistency and efficiency to respond quickly to regulatory compliance mandates and reduce time and effort managing risk across the enterprise.

Telecom Italia

Telecom Italia Sparkle improves collaboration and risk awareness across the business to identify, quantify and address revenue leakage.

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