Transforming Financial Performance Management

IBM Financial Performance Management solutions help companies of all sizes automate and transform planning, reporting and analysis processes. IBM solutions help you anticipate performance gaps, analyze root cause, assess alternatives and enable more effective decision making and execution.


Improve your organization's decision making and results by aligning strategy with execution. IBM solutions help organizations better understand what's driving their business, gain a complete view of their firm’s financial performance management and report to stakeholders in a timely, accurate fashion.

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

The IBM planning solution enables organizations to collaborate on strategic plans and corporate budgets, perform sophisticated financial analysis and adapt to change quickly with frequent driver-based forecasts. Mobile and cloud deployment options help organizations engage all users with speed, regardless of location.

Additional Solution Features

  • Collect contributions from desktop and mobile devices.
  • Perform multidimensional analysis on large data sets.
  • Deploy on-premise or on-cloud.

Profitability Modeling and Analysis

The IBM financial analysis solution helps you gain new insights into product, customer and sales channel profitability . With powerful what-if scenario modeling, you can evaluate strategies, test assumptions and compare current performance with historical actuals and external benchmarks. This forward-looking analysis helps guide your sales, marketing and supply chain functions to optimally deploy resources toward the most profitable opportunities.

Additional Solution Features

  • Perform complex cost allocations and profitability analysis.
  • Drill down for a granular view of product, customer and sales channel profitability.
  • Perform "what-if" scenario modeling on the effects of changes.

Performance and Management Reporting

IBM solutions streamline the production of budget books, board reviews and all recurring, multi-author management and performance reports. The solutions combine data directly from data sources, with in-depth narrative analysis for internal and external reporting.

Additional Solution Features

  • Combine financial data with in-depth narrative analysis.
  • Leverage office productivity software and add intelligent workflow and automation.
  • Deploy on-premise or on-cloud.

Financial Close and Regulatory Reporting

IBM solutions help you automate your entire financial close and consolidation process and streamline the preparation and production of regulatory reports and financial statements. Organizations can meet essential requirements for tax reporting and GAAP to IFRS mapping, and help to ensure accurate, consistent data for regulatory disclosures and statutory reports.

Additional Solution Features

  • Define and maintain financial consolidation rules and processes with limited IT support.
  • Meet reporting requirements for IFRS and U.S. GAAP.
  • Deploy on-premise or on-cloud.


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