Customer analytics

Understand your customers and anticipate their needs

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Customer analytics solutions for your business

Acquire, grow and retain customers

Use analytics to target the right customers with predictive modeling. Identify dissatisfied customers by uncovering patterns of behavior. Address customer service issues faster by correlating and analyzing a variety of data.

Predictive customer intelligence

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Anticipate your customer’s next action

Personalize the customer experience by making recommendations that are most relevant to each unique customer based on their buying behavior, web activity and social media presence.

Social media analytics

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Unlock the value of hidden insights in social media data

Discover hidden insights from millions of online sources and gain a better understanding of your market, customers and competition.

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IBM Watson Analytics

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Advanced analytics without the complexity

Use Watson Analytics to understand what matters most to your customers. Unprecedented ease of use and automation can help you prepare, analyze and visualize your data.

Customer experience analytics

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Understand your customer’s journey

See what your customers are doing across digital and mobile channels. Understand their journey across channels and touch points. Identify trends on digital properties and digital marketing.

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Customer analytics pay off

Learn four customer analytics strategies to help you fuel growth.

Customer analytics for dummies

Learn the concepts for getting started with customer analytics and the specific techniques you can employ to enhance customer relationships, increase revenue and make your organization more competitive.

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