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To run your business with confidence, you need a wide variety of analytics tools and technologies that can extract insights from all your data, so you can make decisions with speed and conviction. IBM’s analytics portfolio includes discovery, reporting and analysis, as well as predictive and cognitive capabilities. It offers enterprise-class Apache Hadoop, workload-optimized systems, analytics on streaming data, text and content analytics, and many more capabilities, so you can infuse analytics into every decision, business process and system of engagement.


Analytics technologies

Image: Analytics tools - descriptive analytics

Descriptive analytics

Know what is happening now by gaining a context-relevant view of your business through exploration-and-discovery and visualization-and-interaction capabilities. See historical trends and patterns related to your current business situation through dashboards and management reports tied to business intelligence systems.

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Diagnostic analytics

Determine why something happened, using content analytics and natural language processing to cull insights found in documents, email, websites, social media and so on. Understand the root cause of improvements or declines in business performance through more detailed analysis and visualizations.

Image: Analytics tools - predictive analytics

Predictive analytics

More accurately assess what could happen by using statistical analysis, data-and-text mining and predictive modeling to surface patterns and trends from all types of data. Identify customers who may churn, products that may soar and risks that may be worth taking, and then act on those insights to gain a competitive edge.

Image: Analytics tools - prescriptive analytics

Prescriptive analytics

Better understand what action you should take from the high-volume, optimized decisions that predictive modeling, business rules and optimization deliver. Improve decision making at every level of the business by empowering employees to stop relying on gut instinct and start basing decisions on real-time data.

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Cognitive analytics

Learn from every interaction and outcome in a naturally human experience through the integration of all types of analytics to adapt your processes and engagements. Employ systems that can find correlations, create hypotheses and remember, and learn from, the outcomes.

Image: The speed advantage

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Image: A Blueprint for value

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