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Why IBM Analytics

​Big data is requiring new skills, new knowledge and new kinds of decision making. IBM Analytics helps enterprises transform by embedding information-based insights into every process, decision and action. IBM delivers deep big data and analytics capabilities that scale and address a wide range of business use cases and industry challenges.

IBM has the broadest set of skills and knowledge in the industry with an enterprise-class big data platform as part of a comprehensive information management foundation, and analytics capabilities that are interconnected to facilitate shared insights. Only IBM provides market-leading services, proven solutions, use cases, accelerators and world-class research to enable breakaway results. Only IBM brings together the technologies that define the next generation of analytics solutions that can reason and learn.

2.2X. Organizations achieving a competitive advantage with analytics are 2.2x more likely to substantially outperform their industry peers.

Why Smarter Analytics - Customers


Know your customersKnow your customers

Know your customers

IBM Analytics provides a universal view of each customer to help you grow your customer base, retain your most profitable customers, and increase satisfaction.

Manage financial performanceManage financial performance

Manage financial performance

IBM Analytics can help you transform your financial processes to gain more visibility, insight and control over performance throughout your organization.

Mitigate your riskMitigate your risk

Mitigate your risk

With IBM Analytics, you can gain a holistic view of risk, fraud and compliance information across your organization.

Optimize your operationsOptimize your operations

Optimize your operations

IBM Analytics gives you the insight you need to anticipate and respond to changes, better align operations with demand, and take advantage of emerging opportunities.