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Watch the video Bharti Airtel gained the ability to process 1.5 million new customers per month by integrating its channels and customer-facing processes to provide a more seamless customer experience. Video (00:06:07)

Watch the video Singapore Land Transit Authority used predictive tools and smart cards to provide citizens with a more convenient, smart public transportation system that helps reduce traffic and pollution. Video (00:04:09)

Watch the video Memphis Police Department used predictive analytics to reduce serious crime by 30%, and developed effective strategies for reducing crime rates, while optimizing police manpower and resources. PDF (252KB) Video (00:03:02) Visit the web page (US)

Watch the video Rio de Janeiro integrated more than 30 agencies into one centralized command center that gathers data from multiple sectors, making it easier to monitor and respond to problems. Video (00:02:38)

British Arab Commercial Bank British Arab Commercial Bank created a company-wide business analytics solution that automated daily, monthly and annual reporting processes, and enabled powerful ad-hoc analysis. PDF (713KB)

Watch the video First Tennessee Bank increased marketing response rate by 3.1 percent by using predictive analytics to more accurately target offers to high-value customers. PDF (358KB) Video (00:04:12) Visit the web page (US)

Watch the video Globe Telecom reduced the cost and time required to design and deliver new promotions, increasing market share and revenue by improving the customer experience. PDF (1.31MB) Video (00:04:22) Visit the web page (US)

Cyprus Telecommunications Authority Cyprus Telecommunications Authority used statistical analysis capabilities to gain a deeper understanding of customers, increasing marketing campaign response rates and reducing marketing costs. PDF (96KB)

Watch the video Coca Cola Bottling Company used IBM DB2 with BLU Acceration to better compress big data and improve performance, speeding analytics and improving decision making throughout the business. Video (00:01:56)

Watch the video Bangkok Hospital increased daily outpatient referral volume by 25% and the share of repeat patients by nearly 30% when it embedded more business intelligence and analytics into its clinical and administrative practices. PDF (333KB) Video (00:02:54) Visit the web page (US)

Watch the video Novartis AG reduced litigation and regulatory compliance risk by retaining the data needed for business or legal purposes, and disposing of unnecessary data. Video (00:03:32)

Watch the video U.S. Open used predictive analytics and cloud computing to improve the experience for everyone: fans, tennis players, event organizers and broadcasters. Video (00:02:47) PDF (1.03MB)

TEOCO TEOCO enabled CSPs to access and analyze massive amounts of big data to uncover the source of cost and network issues, a move that is helping providers save millions of dollars. PDF (669KB)

City of Brunei City of Brunei works with IBM Research to use data and weather modeling to power and feed the island nation and help save its natural resources. Visit the web page

IBM Research IBM Research examines how "precision agriculture" techniques and technologies can maximize food production, minimize environmental impact and reduce cost. Visit the web page

Watch the video Recology used big data and analytics to improve operational efficiency, transporting waste to collection facilities more efficiently and reducing the amount of trash sent to the landfill by 50%. Video (00:02:53)

Mueller, Inc. Mueller, Inc. used analytics to measure and improve sales performance, create effective business plans, and gain deep insight into patterns and trends in its data. PDF (629KB)

beyerdynamic beyerdynamic introduced a business intelligence platform that gathers, processes and analyzes corporate data, providing new insights into sales and marketing strategy. PDF (634KB)

Watch the video Jabil Circuit built a comprehensive suite of analytical tools that made its finance department more efficient and effective, reducing time to close and manual activity by 50 percent. PDF (600KB) Video (00:05:22)

Watch the video Alameda County Social Services implemented an integrated reporting system that helped reduce fraud and waste by revealing relationships between benefit recipients, and resulted in USD11 million in direct savings. PDF (3.52MB) Video (00:05:26) Visit the web page (US)

Clark County Family Services Clark County Family Services invested in an analytics solution that helped them identify more federal funding and improve case worker productivity so staff could devote more time helping families. PDF (735KB)

Watch the video New York State Department of Tax dramatically reduced erroneous refunds and increased tax revenue by identifying which tax returns should be audited and investigated, and how best to collect unpaid back taxes. PDF (401KB) Video (00:04:04) Visit the web page (US)

Watch the video State of North Carolina identified nearly USD200 million in suspicious Medicaid claims by using analytics to sort through and prioritize tens of thousands of providers and hundreds of millions of claims in minutes. Video (00:02:13)

Watch the video The City of Bolzano saved an estimated 30% on elderly care and assistance by using analytics to monitor and provide services to individuals in their own homes. Video (00:04:16) Visit the web page (US)

Watch the video City of Dubuque, Iowa used advanced analytics and smart meters to reduce household electricity usage by up to 11% and water usage by 6.6%, while also optimizing the city's bus fleet and schedules. PDF (1.98MB) Video (00:03:58) Visit the web page (US)

United States Department of Agriculture United States Department of Agriculture replaced duplicative reporting tools with a single analytics platform to track imports, exports and movements more effectively, helping to protect crops and livestock. PDF (638KB)

Watch the video Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina integrated and consolidated member data into a single source of truth that provides customers and business users with access to the information they need at a lower cost. Video (00:03:14)

Watch the video Security First Insurance builds a bridge between social media posts and the claims process to help ensure timely response to policyholders, even in the aftermath of natural disasters. Video (00:04:22)

Corona Direct Corona Direct used predictive analytics to identify groups that were most likely to respond to a campaign, enabling the company to target the right people and make the campaign profitable. PDF (542KB)

Watch the video Infinity Property & Casualty used predictive analytics to identify fraudulent claims, better identify subrogation potential, and improve right-tracking of claims to speed claim handling. PDF (311KB) Video (00:03:17) Visit the web page (US)

Primerica Primerica worked with IBM to enhance their "Primerica Online" portal, enabling insurance representatives to actively drill down into deep volumes of critical business information. PDF (463KB)

Watch the video Santam Insurance designed a claims segmentation solution that used advanced and predictive analytics to automatically assess the risk of fraud and accelerate settlement of legitimate claims. Video (00:04:01)

Watch the video Westfield Insurance applied business intelligence and analytics to gain greater insights, make good risk selection, service customers, market and sell products, and differentiate the company. PDF (541KB) Video (00:04:01)

Watch the video Swiss Re deployed a sotluion that performs data analysis and reporting from a central location, and speeds report generation by 70 percent with faster response to individual analytic queries. PDF (550KB) Video (00:02:37)

AEGON Hungary Composite Insurance Company AEGON Hungary Composite Insurance Company improved customer response by 78% and increased policy purchases by 3% by analyzing thousands of data points to predict the needs of existing customers. PDF (91KB)

Guarantee Fund Guarantee Fund dramatically reduced insurance fraud with a comprehensive, accurate view of insurance throughout the country, and used predictive analytics to calculate fair insurance premiums. PDF (1.15MB)

IBM Research IBM Research developed the IBM Detecting Fraud in Financial Transactions solution, which can identify abnormal fraud patterns that would be missed by human experts. Visit the web page

Bank Hapoalim Bank Hapoalim enabled risk managers to better understand risk and determine meaningful trade limits, and empowering the trading floor and management to clearly communicate risk. PDF (938KB)

Watch the video PureData System Customer Stories See how organizations in banking, healthcare and transportation are conquering big data challenges with IBM PureData System. Video (00:02:47)

Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Mizrahi Tefahot Bank used an integrated risk management solution that calculates multiple risk factors automatically to reduce the time to market of new financial offerings by 99%. PDF (80KB)

IBM Big Data Success Stories IBM Big Data Success Stories Discover how 19 IBM clients in a variety of industries used big data to realize big results. PDF (1.2MB)

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) protected its reputation and goodwill by monitoring sentiment in online and social media forums. PDF (779KB)

Watch the video Fiserv achieved an estimated increase of 100% or higher in the response rate to targeted marketing initiatives by applying predictive analytics to big data. Video (00:03:48)

Grupo Bancolombia Grupo Bancolombia automated and improved the accuracy of money-laundering prediction with analytics, enabling staff to focus on generating new business instead. PDF (578KB)

MoneyGram International MoneyGram International prevented USD37 million in fraudulent transfers with an advanced analytics solution that integrates and analyzes data in real time. PDF (569KB)

Watch the video NYSE Euronext processes 2TB of data per day, and is able to identify key insights from the big data using near-real-time analytics supported by IBM PureData System for Analytics. Video (00:02:05)

Watch the video First Tennessee Bank increased marketing response rate by 3.1 percent by using predictive analytics to more accurately target offers to high-value customers. PDF (358KB) Video (00:04:12) Visit the web page (US)

Watch the video Pioneer West Virginia Credit Union reduced its loan delinquency ratio by 95% in one year by gaining the insights to understand operations in a near-real-time environment. PDF (557KB) Video (00:04:28)

Watch the video Smarter Analytics Customer Stories IBM clients SunTrust, Jabil and the University of California discuss how IBM Smarter Analytics has helped them achieve a competitive advantage. Video (00:04:13)

OTP Bank OTP Bank increased the accuracy of revenue forecasts and reduced loan defaults with increased accuracy of predictive models that identify hidden predictors in loan applications. PDF (94KB)

Watch the video Sprint uses big data analytics to put real-time intelligence and control back into the network, driving a 90% increase in capacity. Video (00:03:06)

C Spire Wireless C Spire Wireless replaced its outdated, inefficient budgeting system with a powerful business performance management solution that produces dynamic, detailed budgets quickly and efficiently. WMV (71.5MB)

Sogecable Sogecable increased customer retention by providing call center agents with instant, reliable information on each client and personalized offers they can use to improve loyalty. PDF (91KB)

Watch the video T-Mobile aggregated data at a network-wide level and can now perform nationwide searches on big data to help support several departments, including network engineering and marketing. Video (00:02:51)

Elisa Corporation Elisa Corporation identified millions of euros in new revenue opportunities when it implemented the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance for customer analytics. PDF (645KB)

Watch the video Qualcomm consolidated its large data warehouses and implemented faster, more accessible advanced analytics, reducing the time to respond to business changes from several months to days. Video (00:04:19)

TOP-TOY TOP-TOY improved its inventory forecasting, reduced the risk of over- or under-stocking, and aligned its orders to predicted customer demand several months in advance. PDF (664KB)

Watch the video Cheesecake Factory uses a big data solution to help ensure all ingredients meet its high standards for quality and consistency to deliver an exceptional dining experience for its guests. Video (00:02:36)

Watch the video Market6 implemented a big data solution that brings together operational analytics and social media data to speed the distribution of vital information to retailers and manufacturers. Video (00:02:18)

Elie Tahari Elie Tahari used real-time insights on sell-through rates and inventory to optimize store-level merchandising decisions and get the most popular fashions in the right place at the right time. PDF (503KB)

Watch the video Sun World International optimized nearly every aspect of its operations, reducing costs, increasing yields and focusing on its most profitable opportunities. PDF (717KB) Video (00:02:32) Visit the web page (US)

Zozotown Zozotown increased conversion rates and revenue, dramatically reduced time to market, and improved customer retention through more personalized and relevant promotional messages. PDF (915KB)

Watch the video Best Buy generated new opportunities and business growth by using customer insight to better connect with customers in a more personalized way. Video (00:07:05) internetstores AG internetstores AG increased its customer conversion rate by more than 50 percent and gained double-digit sales growth with a sophisticated email marketing management solution.

Watch the video Dillard's Department Stores implemented a big data and business intelligence solution to organize and process huge volumes of logistical and customer data, and enable better business decisions. Video (00:04:47)

Watch the video EEKA Fashion improved the accuracy of sales projections, optimized the merchandise mix at stores and protected profit margins when it deployed a big data and analytics solution. Video (00:04:28)

Start Today Co. Ltd. Start Today Co. Ltd. improved its email open rate by 3 - 5 times and its conversion rate by 5 - 10 times by making advanced analytics on very large data volumes simpler, faster and more accessible.

Watch the video Smarter Analytics Customer Stories Four IBM clients demonstrate how Smarter Analytics has helped them deliver the right product, prevent fraud, make informed, timely decisions, and transform their organizations. Video (00:03:41)

Brocade Brocade worked with IBM to develop comprehensive big data solutions that help companies in a variety of industries analyze massive amounts of data in near real time. PDF (626KB)

Esri Esri cut deployment times and decreased time to analyze data by over 98%, helping customers respond to time-critical situations and answer complex, data-intensive questions. PDF (742KB)

Watch the video ConAgra Mills implemented a sales support tool that translates market and production information into recommendations for the sales force, improving selling decisions and increasing capacity utilization. PDF (511KB) Video (00:04:11) Visit the web page (US)

British Columbia Egg Marketing Board British Columbia Egg Marketing Board cut basic farm inspection workload by 66 percent and saved around USD100,000 per year with more automated financial planning and analytics solutions. Image (US)

Kraft Australia Kraft Australia used customer sentiment analysis to understand consumer attitudes about its Vegemite product, enabling development of a more effective marketing strategy. PDF (160KB)

Watch the video Columbus Foods aligned production and logistics to customer demand, analyzing sales, procurement, manufacturing, inventory and logistics data as well as financial information. PDF (1.0MB) Video (00:05:41)

VAASAN Group VAASAN Group implemented a big data solution, reducing the time to analyze petabytes of data from several weeks to 15 minutes to improve the accuracy of wind turbine placement. PDF (585KB)

Watch the video USC Annenberg conducted sophisticated sentiment analysis and natural language recognition to gauge positive and negative opinions shared in millions of public tweets. Video (00:03:19)

Watch the video Mobile County Public Schools improved student performance and reduced drop-out rates with a performance tracking system that enables teachers and counselors to proactively identify students at risk. PDF (710KB) Video (00:03:29) Visit the web page (US)

Watch the video North Carolina State University reduced the time needed to find licensing partners for technologies created through university research, and increased the number of potential partners by 300%. Video (00:01:43)

Seton Hall University Seton Hall University increased its enrollment candidate conversion rate by 18.2% and tuition revenues by USD29 million by infusing marketing intelligence into its recruitment process and applying social media metrics analysis. PDF (1.12MB)

Watch the video The University of California - Office of the President significantly improved its enterprise risk information system, reducing the cost of risk and representing USD493 million in cost reduction. Video (00:03:40)

Edith Cowen University Edith Cowen University used predictive analytics technologies to assess factors that affect student enrollment and retention, and align the university’s operations and finances accordingly. PDF (1.1MB)

Watch the video Hamilton County Department of Education increased its graduation rate by 8% using analytics and advanced modeling tools that provide the insights needed to intervene with at-risk students before they drop out. PDF (270KB) Video (00:03:12) Visit the web page (US)

EDISON and EcoGrid EU projects EDISON and EcoGrid EU projects give back to the grid by enabling electric cars, homes and buildings to help balance energy supply and demand. Visit the web page

Dublin City Council Dublin City Council collaborates with IBM Research - Ireland to better manage the water pressure in the network, and help reduce and prevent leaks. Visit the web page

 Battelle Battelle is helping to reduce energy costs and enhance power grid reliability and performance by engaging consumers and responsive assets to help optimize the system. PDF (1.1MB)

Watch the video Vestas reduced the response time for wind forecasting information by about 97% and improved the accuracy of wind turbine placement with a big data solution that speeds data analysis. PDF (713KB) Video (00:03:03)

Watch the video Oncor empowered customers to control and manage their energy usage with a smart metering system that makes energy information more transparent and responsive for customers. Video (00:03:20)

Sui Southern Gas Company Limited Sui Southern Gas Company Limited depoloyed a business analytics solution that overlays digital maps with real-time operational and financial data, enabling data visualization and analysis in a real-world context. PDF (674KB)

Energy Saving Trust Energy Saving Trust executed an initiative initiative known as Home Analytics, which provides vital data on all 26 million UK homes to help organizations target efficiency programs. PDF (818KB)

Aqualia Aqualia used predictive analysis to improve water distribution for 450 municipalities and accelerate the process for predicting national water consumption by 99%. PDF (84KB)

IBM Research: Cleveland Clinic IBM Research: Cleveland Clinic collaborates with IBM Research to demonstrate how Watson may be used to advance the medical training field. Visit the web page

IBM Research IBM Research collaborates with physicians to deepen researchers' understanding of the healthcare industry so they can apply technology, such as data analytics, more effectively. Visit the web page

IBM Research IBM Research explores ways to advance the Watson architecture to handle real-world challenges found in several healthcare and business domains. Visit the web page

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts embedded intelligence into general business processes to keep operational costs down while also developing programs to help patients manage conditions more effectively. PDF (702KB)

Watch the video Centerstone Research Institute increased revenue by 30% and improved patient access to services by 37% by embedding intelligence into its clinical decision making practices and making it more transparent. PDF (299KB) Video (00:03:29) Visit the web page (US)

Watch the video Premier healthcare alliance used analytics to manage big data across clinical, operational and supply chain systems, providing a broader informational platform for evidence-based clinical practice. PDF (373KB) Video (00:03:13) Visit the web page (US)

Watch the video Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute implemented a powerful analytical tool that gives researchers and physicians insights that help them reduce surgery-related hospitalizations and improve quality of life for patients. PDF (1.07MB) Video (00:03:06) Visit the web page (US)

Watch the video Seton Healthcare Family minimized readmission of patients who had suffered congestive heart failure by uncovering insights trapped in unstructured data to identify at-risk patients. Video (00:03:01)

Martin's Point HealthCare Martin's Point HealthCare established a central Business Intelligence Competency Center, which led to an ROI of 1195% per year, and provides insight into operations and improve key performance metrics. PDF (361KB)

Watch the video University of Ontario Institute of Technology implemented a big data solution that captures and analyzes real-time data from medical monitors, alerting hospital staff to potential health problems before they occur. Video (00:03:19)

Watch the video Wellpoint is working with IBM to put IBM Watson to work in healthcare in an effort to bring better service and outcomes to patients. Video (00:02:52)

Watch the video UNC Healthcare System created a robust, closely governed data warehouse solution that unifies multiple data stores, making it possible to quickly and easily access data and transform it into useful information. PDF (2.42MB) Video (00:04:43) Visit the web page (US)

UnitedHealth Group UnitedHealth Group upgraded and unifid its existing systems onto the IBM ECM platform, helping to reduce storage costs and slash time to access documents from days to seconds. PDF (560KB)

Astron ASTRON collaborates with IBM Research to see whether big data and emerging exascale computing technologies can be used to explore the birth of the universe. Visit the web page

Watch the video Irish Marine Institute used big data predictive analytics to increase navigational safety, enable more accurate flood planning and speed response to environmental crises. PDF (766KB) Video (00:04:15) Visit the web page (US)

Bayer HealthCare Bayer HealthCare created a global clinical trial planning solution that covers process, training and technology, integrating financials and clinical planning. PDF (685KB)

SUNY Buffalo SUNY Buffalo researchers are using big data analytics to look for potential factors contributing to the risk of developing multiple sclerosis. PDF (558KB)

Watch the video Constant Contact increased client marketing campaign effectiveness by almost 25% by analyzing 35 billion emails to understand the most effective days and times to send emails. Video (00:03:15)

Watch the video Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce gained insight into the profitability of hospitality and gaming promotions, and accelerated monthly financial reporting cycles by 50%. Video (00:05:45)

Watch the video Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens increased attendance and achieved a 411% return on investment by using insights gained from analyzing big data to enhance the customer experience for each visitor. Video (00:02:59)

Media Math Media Math simplified and sped analysis of big data, gaining a transparent view of every impression and factor affecting the performance of more than 13 billion advertising impressions per day. PDF (476KB)

Watch the video The Miami Dolphins integrated intelligent analytics technology into Sun Life Stadium to offer a unique fan experience, identifying and quickly acting on the needs of the fans and business operations. Video (00:02:30)

Watch the video Desert Mountain Golf Community reduced energy costs and conserved water by bringing together data from multiple systems and gaining the ability to analyze and understand that information in real time. Video (00:02:41)

IBM Research IBM Research explores how online memes can help companies pinpoint job satisfaction issues, improve business practices and find new ways to solve problems. Visit the web page

IBM Japan Business Services IBM Japan Business Services used content analytics to gain unprecedented insight into agent training needs and improve call center agent effectiveness by 88 percent. PDF (574KB)

Watch the video BNSF Railway used IBM DB2 with BLU Acceration to enable real-time analysis of big data, gaining insights to support on-time delivery of merchandise to customers. Video (00:01:51)

Con-way Freight Con-way Freight was able to run highly reliable and accurate ad hoc reports in a matter of seconds to look at shipments delivered on a specific day to a specific region, state or customer. PDF (226KB)

FleetRisk FleetRisk used predictive models based on vehicle log data and other systems to assess key risk factors, such as fatigue, and identify drivers who are at the greatest risk for an accident. PDF (752KB)