IBM and accessibility

IBM has an ongoing commitment to providing and helping our customers deliver IT solutions that are inclusive and accessible to all members of society.

We take a leadership position in developing policies and practices to focus on accessibility during initial design phases. IBM plays an active part in industry consortiums and standards bodies to develop open standards and communicate best practice, and we will continue to work closely with suppliers, employees and customers to promote high levels of accessibility.

Over 5 million Canadians are estimated to have a disability – that’s 1 in 7 people. Disability rates increase with age - for those 65 years or older there’s a 43% chance that we will have some level of disability which affects our lives on a day to day basis. Although rates are lower for children and young people, disabilities can introduce significant barriers to education and employment which may reduce an individual’s opportunities later in life.

IBM Accessibility services and solutions

IBM technical experience can help you reach and maintain accessibility goals beyond compliance with government regulations and worldwide guidelines. Through its research endeavours, IBM delivers innovative technologies that can help you provide access to information and services and improve the overall experience for people across a broad spectrum of abilities.

From complex solutions to individual projects, IBM accessibility solutions can be tailored to help your organisation:

We strive to make our Web sites accessible and continuously work on accessibility improvements. If you encounter an accessibility problem while accessing an IBM Web site, please contact us about that problem using the Contact link on the affected page.